April 26, 2011

Easter Celebration

Every year, we gather at my inlaws' house with the rest of my hubby's siblings and their families. This year, it was a lunch get together with the members of the family not coming all together at once. One of the reason was they need to attend to their spouse' family affair too. They juggle their time to come on both celebrations/occasions even they come late for the next one. In our case, we're always the on-time family and the one enduring the waiting part. This easter happens to be my son's pre-birthday celebration with the family, so it added to the stress of waiting for the others because my son was too excited on his birthday cake. At long last, around 2pm, family members are almost complete except for the youngest who's still on their way coming from their vacation in Wisconsin Dells. Here's the photo of my son with his first cake, there are more to come.

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