December 22, 2012

General Cleaning

The big day is coming so I'm so busy working out through general cleaning. My muscles are toned after some scrubbing, lifting, pushing, pulling and bending but my hands are quite dry due to gloveless washing / bleaching some stuff. I forgot to buy new gloves because hubby used mine's in his change-oil thing which turned into a mess. Anyways, I found some stuff that I've been looking for months now when I went over areas that hard to reach but a must to be cleared/cleaned. One earing, my spare  key, unused phonecard were some of the treasures I salvaged. The culprit? my dearest son! I've been moving here and there since I woke up this morning and just have a break now to make this post and sip my coffee. It's still raining cats and dogs here, I want to go out and buy some stuff that I need but it's to hard to tow a little boy as terrible as mine's to the store especially on a rainy day.

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