April 12, 2011

Greek Salad Dressing

I've been into reading and watching stuff on being healthy and how to shed some pounds. Hubby's atkins diet worked for him, he lost 20lbs in 2 months. I know at the very start that atkins won't work for me because I love carbs with all my heart, LOL! Anyways, I have my own diet plan and it's called OnOff diet. Yup, you read it right On Off, it means I'm on today, I'm off the next day, lol!. It's really hard to shed some pounds because who wouldn't want to eat pasta, rice, bread and cookies? I made it though once, when I was preparing for my wedding but after I gave birth baby fats won't let go, lol! Being a sahmy is another factor, I have time to indulge. I kept on motivating myself to start shedding some pounds again for health purposes and not for fancy reason. Hypertension and Diabetes are all in my family history. I'm not exempted on this unless I take care of myself. O God, I hope it's not yet too late. When we feel better, we ignore the risks of eating the wrong stuff until we're ill and realized we could have done better. Now, I am committing myself again in eating healthy stuff and for me to finally say bye-bye to pasta, rice, bread and too much processed food which contains lots of sodium. I have my grocery shopping today, I bought lots of green-leafy stuff and thought of having salad every night. I usually have poppy seed, thousand island, ranch and italian salad dressing. I thought of my sis-inlaw's yummy salad and its dressing. She's Greek-American thus, uses most Greek products. I thought of buying a Greek salad dressing for a change, it tastes good, close to Italian dressing taste. I hope I could lose 10-15 lbs before summer ends.

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