April 04, 2011

Is there radiation on food sold at Pinoy / Asian store?

I know that after you read the title of this post, some might utter 'ridiculous!' It started as a joke when one customer in a Pinoy store said that she'll stop buying products made in Japan due to risk of having food with radioactive fallout. What if someone who's less informed and unaware of facts, took it seriously and began spreading what she heard? It depends where it will be spread because here in USA, where freedom of expression is too much, rumor like that will receive various reactions. Some might say, that's ignorance or that's baloney. To clear things, I browsed the net because I'm also curious about the news in Japan that water is contaminated and so forth. The first question I have in mind is, how far will the radioactive fallout goes? I got the facts,

Soil may be contaminated within a 10-mile radius, posing a danger for human occupation for at least three decades. Food production from an area 10 miles to 20 miles away may be unsafe. Radiation levels may be not be affected from a distance of 40 miles to 50 miles.

In detailed example, radioactive fallout can contaminate grass which is the main food of cows, then dairy cows might produce contaminated milk.

Then I thought how will you remove the contamination?, I found out that radioactive particles reside inside the plants or meats has no amount of cooking or washing could remove them.

Agricultural products of Japan that are exported go through a very strict and careful inspection for traces of radiation before it leaves Japan & before it enters USA and one more thing, the demand for goods like these are higher locally, thus Japan would limit if ever exporting some of them. Remember, the whole world are sending relief to Japan, how will they prioritize exporting their goods when their own citizens need it. So, therefore for now the risk of radioactive contamination is within some portion of Japan but, for those with nuclear plants like my state, what happened to Japan should be an important lesson learned. Relocating is the best and must to-do in situation like that.

Japan is one of most powerful country, they have the best engineers, scientists and dedicated workforce, they do it for the country regardless of how much risk is at stake. I salute them for that! In relation with this, I read an article that Japan seeked help from France specifically EDF (√Člectricit√© de France), Areva and France's nuclear research body (CEA). Why France? not USA? I found out that France is the main country to use electricity via nuclear power plants (scary!) As what their Prime Minister kept on saying, "We do not have oil, we do not have gas, we do not have coal, but we had ideas". I hope EDF and the other companies have disaster recovery plan better than any country and would not be the next BP Oil  or worst, Japan. This was really an interesting fact I learned by starting to wander and have the what, why, how questions and came out knowing that France has the largest operator of nuclear plants.

Nuclear power plant in Cattenom, France

The next thing in my mind is, how much the worth of the President of that Company? or how about the unmarried children? Just imagine, if you're married to any of the Mr. Nuke Guys, you're a BOMBshell! LOL!

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