April 11, 2011

Kudos to Japanese people

It's been a month since the tragic / horrible disaster caused by the magnitude 9 earthquake in Japan. For a month, after shocks occured with average of 7 magnitude intensity up to this day. Japan stood still and continously trying their best to restore things though it will take some time knowing that the nuclear plant is getting worse. I admire the Japanese people for their traits and culture. The patriotism emerged that even it will cause people's lives and at the long term due to radiation, they took risks to save others and rebuild their nation. They always do what's best for the good of the country first, than themselves. We might not see or hear whining, complaining and finger-pointing of the people because it's not reported OR it doesn't exists at all because Japanese are known for being courteous, honest and they live with integrity. I haven't heard any untowards incident such looting. People patiently stand in line waiting to get food and drink unlike what I've seen in Katrina. Lots of finger-pointing to defend what drove a wrong doing such as looting. I read that Japan Police in a certain town was struggling to collect all cash and vaults surrendered by people who found them for its tremendous quantity. Only in Japan! They are very honest and lives with integrity. I could just imagine if that happens here in USA, lots of fake people would be claiming them and would not surrender any thing they found, as in Finders Keepers. But the bottom line is, this should not be a matter of race or country or anything else, people should always bear in mind, 'do not do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you'. May GOD grant Japan peace and strength to continue their recovery.

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