April 21, 2011

Lenten Season - Holy Thursday

When I was in the Philippines, I never went out for swimming or whatever outdoor activities. I grew up believing that something bad will happen to me if I go out and have some fun during lenten season. It was a time to watch those ten commandments re-run movies and the last words. I made some Visita Iglesia but never went out for any kind of vacation. We always stay at home and whether I like it or not, I was obliged to listen to pasyon ‘coz of our neighbor being the host. The thing that I remember from that pasyon was the variation of versions. When the oldies led the pasyon, it’s more of a classical version, when it comes to younger ones, it's kinda acapela r & b. My mom used to remind us not to do some repairs or other chores especially on Good Friday. My lenten seasons in the Philippines were spent reflecting, praying, reminiscing and general cleaning of my room. Now that I'm here in USA wherein holy week is not generally observed especially in working environment, I miss having those 4 days off. During Easter, I used to have my haircut and other forms of pampering oneself. I consider this time as new life, new look, new beginnings which I do some sort of new year resolutions. Well, I truly miss Philippines for all of these though I still do the same here but it's better if most of the people around you are doing spiritual enrichment and renewal during this season.

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