April 16, 2011

My little boy is sick

He woke up yesterday coughing and with stuffy nose. He was not excited to drink his milk, stared at it for few minutes before drinking half of it. It's so hard to feed him when he's sick because he rejects most of the food I offer.  At least, he's still active running around the house and consistently cluttering his toys. But, I want my little boy to be always well. It breaks my heart seeing him in sort of pain and not having appetite to eat even his favorite raisin bread. I hope he'll be well the soonest so he could attend his friend's birthday party, otherwise he'll just stay home with his dad. I miss hearing from him his reply whenever I ask him, Are you a boy or a girl? 'BOT', ohmy!, BOTH? He can't pronouce the boy correctly. When he's sick, the more crabby and irritated he gets. To all moms out there, I wish your little ones are feeling well.

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