April 15, 2011

Safety and Convenience for disable / elderly

This post brought to you by NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I visited a friend who I haven't seen for years and I was suprise to found out what happened to her mom. Her mom fell from the stairs and broke her hip that caused inability to walk on her own. She's dependent on wheel chair for now because they are hoping that therapy could help her get back on walking by herself. My friend shared her dilemna in taking care of her mom because she's also working full-time. She hired home health services to take care of her mom while she's at work but it doesn't give her full peace of mind because of safety issues. She mentioned about buying a new vehicle, specifically a van to cater on the needs of her mom because her current SUV is kinda small to suit everything. She is having hard time when it comes to transporting her mom in and out of the vehicle.  "It's so hard to attend to all her needs because I want to be assured of her safety, I want to have somebody that I could trust and have the expertise on safety issues", she added. I offered my time to look for companies that focus on safety stardards for equipments and vehicles intended for people with special needs. When I got home, I googled for mobility equipments and vehicles, then found NMEDA.  They are non-profit organization that helps consumers to decide what is the best product for them which are available from their qualified dealers. They promote safe driving, equipments, customized vehicles for disable people via their dealers/members. They provide caregiving advise with regards to equipments / vehicles and help the disable / elderly to get back on their own. Aside from providing equipments and vehicles via their dealers, NMEDA offers the Quality Assurance Program (QAP) which the only nationally recognized accreditation program for Adaptive Mobility Equipment Industry. This ensures that dealers/members advocates the highest level of performance and safety. I phoned my friend and forwarded the website and told her that she just needs to enter her zipcode and she'll find the nearest NMEDA dealers that could assist her. People that are close to our heart that needs special care deserve convenience, safety and hope that they could get back onto the road of independence, so if you're in the same situation as with my friend, check NMEDA.
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