Short Nails

April 13, 2011

I cut my finger nails too short that it came to a point that I can't use it to adjust my watch. I have maintained  short nails since I became aware that it exists, lol. I'm not a big fan of long nails and nail polish. As far as I can remember I only have my nail polish during my college graduation and wedding. Anyways, I don't have anything against it, I love it but I'm just not into it. One of the things that suprised me when I moved here in USA is to see young girls wearing nail polish. You might ask what cave I belong to, but really in my culture or the way I was brought up, having nail polish is for grown ups only. But here, it's part of fashion / accesories that even as young as 3 years old, could have nail polish. What more seeing boys having it too? Yup, shocked at first but generations change, so I should adapt it as one of the many changes but doesn't necessarily means that I conform with it. It will be a big NO-NO for my son to have nail polish as fashion statement or whatsoever it will be called. I googled some photos of long nails and found these creepy ones. I will be a forever fan of short nails.

2 Response to "Short Nails"

  1. analou says:

    My co-worker has those long nails you have in the photo and it looks creepy to me. For me, it's very unattractive.

    Anonymous says:

    You're nails look good, short nails are the cutest IMO. I always keep my nails as short as yours. Long nails are gross and full of bacteria, uuh!!