January 06, 2013

White Flower Analgesic Balm

'Scent of Oldies' is commonly referred to white flower analgesic balm as a joke. I used to be tagged as 'oldie' because I always have white flower with me. I always suffer with sinus and tension headaches.  Nothing beats white flower in relieving pains. I inhale or sometimes apply a drop of white flower under my nose and within minutes, my sinus headache is over. Whenever I suffer with a terrible headache, I just apply a drop to my temples, forehead, nape and if worse, on top of my head/scalp. It always relieved me. As I was writing this post, I applied a drop to my forehead because I have a cold and headache. It always relieves the pain. The first time hubby discovered my addiction to white flower, he used to cover his nose and complains about the scent. But, as the years passed by, he's also hooked on it. lol!

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