May 01, 2011

3 days celebration

It was Kate and William's Wedding, then my son's 3rd birthday and today is the beatification of Pope John Paul II. Today is a  memorable day because for the first time my son stayed with us inside the church until the mass ended which usually will require either hubby or me to bring him at the back or outside the church during half of the mass due to his behaviour. But as usual that 1 hour was never exempted with bribing him with food and juice to drink but we're thankful for the major change. I hope there are more major change to come such as enjoying the stay inside the grocery store without throwing tantrums. We passed the terrible two stage and we welcome the adorable-three stage. It was so tiring but of course it's worth it. Some tips that I find helpful in preparing a party whether small or big are the following:

*the night before the big day, do the decorations so that you can focus on the preparation of the food hours before the party
*as much as possible make everything disposable, it helped me a lot after the party, use those pans/trays instead of serving trays or plates. 
*provide styropor or any to-go package to distribute extra food to some of your guests, *try to place a disposable table cover because it saves you time to remove all the clutter, the only thing you have to do is fold/roll the cover with the clutter on it and toss it.

I'm not an expert on this but I'm just sharing based on my experience recently.

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