May 30, 2011

Groupon is soo addictive

I am religiously receiving discounts / deals from Groupon and some of them are very tempting. It's good that I have limited budget for being a sahmy for now, so it helps me to control the urge to splurge. Inasmuch as I wanted to take advantage of the good deals mostly on pampering oneself and food areas, but time, distance and companion are factors that hinder. I have a friend in Facebook who posted that she wants to stop being Grouponaholic, her case is different with mine, she can always afford those deals but I think her point was some are beyond necessities and will expire soon which put pressure on her to use before they expire. In groceries, where you get coupons from Sunday newspaper and elsewhere, I realized that sometimes I'm not having savings at all because I don't really need those products and they are not my brands, yet, I buy them for the discount coupon per se. When it comes to clothing and accessories, I am easily lure with huge discounts and the brand. Even it's size 2 or 4 which I hope will fit me soon, I will buy them thinking that I saved a lot, and will think later who to give that. My mom recently complained with the bunch of clothing that I sent her, saying that she couldn't wear them because most of the time, she's just at home and she still has those clothes sent on previous years unworn. That impulsive thinking of saving a lot when you buy that certain item the fact that you don't need it, is the culprit. I believe that shopping spree is an addiction. It gives you that nice feeling for a while that you're lucky than the others because you find a good deal but when you got home, you regret having it. It's similar to smoking addiction, you like the feeling while smoking, but it is regrettable because it affects your health. I always say, shopping for me is a good therapy because it's a way to escape life and its problems for a while. There is nothing wrong with bargain hunting, discount coupons and other stuff that gives you savings when you shop. We just need to have the control, if you don't have the means to afford buying it and will put you in debt, forget it!

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