May 08, 2011

A Breathe of Air

For the first time since I became a mom,  I have my own full me-time spending here in San Francisco with my bffs. It was a mixed feelings because I got tied with taking care of my son, our house and being a wife for N years. I got used with a small dosage of social interaction, thanks to FB because it extended somehow. I wrote this post while I was in the plane going to Sanfo in a note pad and because I got so busy travelling around Sanfo, unable to post it right away. Anyways, here's details of my trip going to Sanfo. Before I left the house, I have lots of to-do-list and reminder to hubby with regards to taking care of my son. They were posted in the refrigerator. I bombarded him of these reminders that overwhelmed him though I know he can manage but the most reiterated one is to have PATIENCE with my son. It's going to be hubby's first time of solely taking care of him. When he dropped me off in the airport, even my friend Nadih's reminder for me not cry, similar to my son's first school day, I still cried a river when the plane took off. I miss my two boys right away. I can't imagine myself not preparing meals for them, taking care of my son's and hubby's needs. You might say I'm overacting, yeah, I admit but this is for real, my emotions on leaving my son is so hard for me and I just want to share it with you. Those mommies out there can relate with me for sure on the ties between mom and child which can't be ignored. But I know that life should be balanced,otherwise it will drain you out and you can't function very well, thus, I thank my hubby for making this vacation possible so I could recharge. It's nice to be alone like sometimes, just walking around, visiting/checking specialty stores without worrying any towed child. Boarding late can be possible because there's  no child, no diaper bag, stroller and other stuff. As I was  writing this post in my memo pad, my seatmate keeps on looking on what I am writting but since I intentionally make my handwritting in doctor's style, he's having hard time to read. I'm sitting next to the window at the back row of the plane which gives me advantage to be served first with the snack and convenience in going to rest room. I heard one lady asking the flight attendant when is the lunch meal and she replied that they don't serve lunch meal, only snacks and the passenger can have as many as she wants (junk food). Gone those days that even a domestic flight, you will be served with a meal due to high cost of gas and operating costs. Five hours flight with just a snack of junk foods would not suffice especially if you're used with having full meals or have illness that food intake is a must. I thought of my son, I can't imagine him sitting still during the flight. For sure there are lots of milk, juice, snack, toys and dvd for him so that he'll be distracted and not be bored. Across my seat row, there are two kids maybe ages 9-12 old who brought lots of toys and gadgets to get busy with. It's better to be seated next to the window especially if you have a seatmate who's big and tall because you can move closer to the window so as not to be bothered by his movements via his legs which are widely spread, his elbow reaching/touching  your side. I tried to take a nap, but the movements of this biggie male seatmate prevented me. I want to take a nap even a few minutes because I woke up too early to be on time anticipating extra security procedures due to possible extremists actions in support of Bin Laden.

I got here in Sanfo in a beautiful Friday morning, weather is awesome!

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nurseabie said...

I know your hubby will going to take good care of your son. Enjoy your vacation.