May 03, 2011

Busy as a Bee

I thought after the big day, I would have my free time back but to my suprise that was just a start of a busy schedule. Tomorrow will be my son's first day in school, I'm so excited for him. We have a meeting with the school principal this morning to talk about the school policy and other stuff. As I was going through the list provided to us, I was teary eyed because it made me realize that my son is no longer a baby.  Time flies so fast, as what the principal said, they anticipate some crying both from the child and the parent. I am definitely going to cry when I leave him tomorrow. He will be in the care of different people who I trust that will ensure his safety. It will be a different routine now, usually in the morning I see him browsing his books, then play his toys and when he gets bored, he comes to me for hugging and kissing time. Tomorrow, he will be playing with other kids and will learn new things. I will surely miss my little boy even it's just half of the day, I will miss his cluttering, tantrums and most especially his singing. I need to end this post because my little boy needs some attention because he's pounding the keyboard.

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