May 16, 2011

Busy Mom

I haven't updated this blog daily because I've been a very busy mom. This is my son's 3rd week in school and even I have gained some free time while he's out there, it seems nothing have been accomplished except more driving to the grocery stores and malls. I don't know why time is so fast or am I just too slow in doing things but lots of people who know me well, would disagree because I move/work so fast. Anyways, my routine has changed since my little kiddo started school. It's so amazing that every morning my son would utter right away the word, 'bus'. When he wakes up and brought downstairs, he would open the front door and will get his backpack and say 'bus'. Sometimes I'm having hard time distracting him from that eagerness to go out and wait for the bus because he's used with the routine already. He would give less interest on his breakfast will go to the window and say 'bus'. Thus, I ended up following him wherever he goes just to feed him with his breakfast. So, when my son is in school, I usually do errands or chores in the house that requires going outside or in the basement. Then, I'll prepare his lunch so that when he gets home, I'll feed him right away and after an hour, he's so tired and ready for his nap. I have tons of things to do since I got back and kinda pressured when I look at the calendar, we are half way thru the month of May and near half of the year. It seems like yesterday was just New Year. I know that lack of time is an alibi because it's just a matter of priorities, all of us gets the same amount of time, why others got things done aside from they have lesser tasks, it's due to time management. I believe in that, when I realized how much time I set on Facebooking, it was a waste, very unproductive because it's like waiting for every news feeds. At present, I check Facebook only in the morning and during my son's nap time. I don't play anymore any of its apps. I'm starting to write down again my to-do-things and will try to get back where I was before I had that wonderful vacation in San Francisco.

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