May 22, 2011

A dose of Mishap

My son threw tantrums yesterday because he wants to go to school on a weekend.  All distractions were made for him to forget going to school until he stopped because I gave him my cellphone and I was able to persuade him to go inside the car. I brought him to my inlaws and he kept on running around the house until he tripped on the sliding door and fell on the ground. From each running around, I kept on getting him to slow down but on that instance, he got a dose of mishap. He cried out so loud because of the pain and fear. Thank GOD, he didn't show any untoward symptoms with regards to that fall. He's himself the usual, wanted to run and jump.  When we reached home, he played and played, did not take a nap. Todate, he's fine and the bump is no longer that visible and it's not really a hard fall and I thank GOD for that.

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Nicki Babysits said...

The good part is... at least you know he loves school! :)