May 17, 2011

Feverish but no fever

I'm just curious to know if anyone else experiences feeling feverish but no fever once in a while.  It drives me nuts when I thought that I might be having flu. But it happens everytime that I have terrible colds and when the weather is kinda breezy and windy, I chill a little thus, I need to bundle. Right now, my nose is so clogged and I'm feeling a little feverish so I prepared a large mug of hot coffee for me to sweat. I took a hot shower but still feel a little chill. I bundled and moved the heat up at the same time drinking this coffee. It helps especially loosening my clogged nose because of the steam. I hope this will be over, I hate being sick. I will try to go to bed early so I won't be distracted with what I'm feeling, to stop thinking of bad things about what I'm feeling. 

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