May 05, 2011

First Day in School

I was a dramommy queen yesterday when I dropped my son to school. It's his first day in school and I thought it would be fine, for him yes but for me it's not. I don't know, while driving back home, I was crying because I realized that my son is no longer a baby. I was too worried that he might cry all throughout the class session or be hit by any of his classmates or he might be the bad boy. The whole time that he's in school, I was thinking of him. I miss his morning routine, cluttering, singing, browsing his books and when he gets bored, he turns to me for hugs and kisses. I realized that I should make the most of each time that he's still young and not worried or embarrassed when kissed and hugged. Time flies so fast, he is no longer exclusive to us which is a must because he needs interaction with others as part of social development aspect. When I picked him up, he doesn't want to let go of his teacher's hand and won't come to me, he wants to stay. Today is his first day on having the school bus service. As a mommy who wants to document / chronicle each milestone of their child's life, I took pictures of him waiting for the school bus and when he got settled in. Here are his photos.
first day in school

inside the school bus

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