May 19, 2011

Loves to go to school

I hope that my son's interest in going to school will last until he graduated.  When he wakes up at 6am, he looks for his shoes and backpack, grabs my hand and say 'open' leading me to the front door. He wants to go out and wait for his school bus 2 hours early. Thus, I needed to distract him with anything so that he won't insist then cry for not giving in on what he wants. The other day, he still wore his sleepwear, I saw him trying to wear his jacket and has his back pack on his side. He's so excited to go to school, I hope he likes it because he wants to study than wants to bully (hope not) and I'm sure he won't because I'm trying hard to raise him to be a good boy. Anyways, when he comes home, he says lot of things so I asked the teacher what are the latest activities they are doing and what's the byebye {something I can't understand} and so forth. I learned that they say bye to all the things they've been or things they use. Like, bye bye Playard, bye bye Victor (name of classmate), etc. He sings more about butterflies.  He says 'sowie' as in sorry everytime he drops something or sometimes Oopss, sowie. These are big deals for me as a first time mom and stay at home because I witnessed all the milestones that my son has been through and this part always brings smile to my face. He's no longer a baby and he says 'I love you' to us when we initiate as in saying the "I" and he'll say the rest. I love being a mom because every accomplishments of your child brings joy to you.
waiting for school bus, 20minutes early

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