May 24, 2011

Mid Afternoon Naps

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I wonder why I always take an afternoon nap these past weeks, maybe because I bring my son to his room, laid with him until he fall asleep. In the Philippines, taking a mid afternoon naps are common as part of the so called siesta and a routine to get us out of the hot climate especially in the afternoon. We chose to stay inside the house than go out or usually postpone tasks needed to be done outdoor to later in the afternoon when it cools off a little. But if it's working days, you won't think of taking a nap especially if you have tons of workloads to finish. For a stay at home mom like me, everything is just a routine. Since my son started going to school, when he gets home, he'll take his lunch and just a short time, he's ready for his nap because he's tired already. So, taking mid afternoon nap is a new part of my routine, my son and I are bonded through sleep. They say that an afternoon nap as short as 10 mins can enhance alertness, mood, and mental performance, especially after a night of poor sleep. I feel relax and recharged after my mid day afternoon nap. So, if you have the chance to have one, better take it.

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