May 05, 2011

Mother's Day Gift

I'm so happy to share with you that this Sunday is one of the memorable mother's day for me because hubby will send me for a week vacation to San Francisco. After 4 years including the pregnancy stage, I will be having a full ME-Time without my son. It's nice to spend it with my friends in California whom I missed so much, we've seen each other when I got married here in USA, so it's been a while. I'm quite busy packing my stuff and I even phoned my friend about the weather there because 60 degrees in here (Midwest) sometimes require a thick jacket. When I sorted out the clothes that I'm gonna be bringing, I forgot the swimsuit because my friends and I will be going to Vegas and stay in a hotel to pamper ourselves which includes enjoying an indoor/outdoor pool. I googled for swimsuits and found one that I like best, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and I want to have a new tote bag too, which I found one in Marc Jacobs Handbags. I ordered them online yesterday and hopefully it comes within the week that I'm in Sanfo. I'm so excited with this trip and vacation and thankful to hubby for this wonderful gift. Of course, the most wonderful gift is having my son which the start of my journey to motherhood. Happy Mother's Day!

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rikka said...

that's so sweet of your husband!

Hope you'll enjoy your vacation!


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