May 25, 2011

Severe weather

Taken from Yahoo News
It breaks my heart whenever I read stories about the fate of people who were affected by calamities. I imagine myself on their shoes and just by that it terrifies me what more if it's for real. This is not making a drama or I'm not pretending but I easily cry whenever I see situations where people lost their loved ones, their properties and nowhere to stay, don't know where to start again. Then, I thank GOD for making these situations an eye opener for me because I realized more that I'm blessed and fortunate for whatever I have now. Things are temporary here on earth, you might have all the luxuries in the world but nothing assures you that it will be forever. Thus, we must appreciate simple things in life because there will come a time that a pair of old shoes would give us relief.  In connection with this severe weather, it's not enough to stop my toddler to forget and be uninterested in going to school just for this day. He threw tantrums again because I was not dressing him up yet despite giving me his shoes, socks, jacket and bag. Then, when he's dressed, he screamed to the max because I was not letting him go out to wait for the school bus, because it's raining so hard. Ohmy! I hope the weather gets better for the safety of all and most especially, my son.  

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