March 15, 2013

Stick with your job even it sucks?

"I NEED A BREAK', my friend exclaimed. She's been working almost half her life and got to the point of giving up from her current job. She prepared already her resignation letter but has not yet finalize it because she needed to discuss it with her husband because source of income will be decreased. She hasn't found any company yet to transfer so she's kinda hesitant but her pride kicked in. She said, she doesn't deserved to be treated like a dog.

I recall an instance in my working career that I felt I'm overworked and underpaid. I thought of work as means of gain and pay, in short, to have money.  Throughout my working career, I realized that work should be accompanied with the word 'play', work and play! Why? because work without creativity and fun which 'play' provides can only be unpleasant, boring and tiresome. Few people would appreciate and enjoy work if his attitude towards it is less than what he gets from it. I see to it that I enjoy my work, I always find ways to make it pleasant though most of the time my work before, gave me lots of pressures. Eventhough I have a positive outlook, sometimes I tend to give up also. The culprits? people that abuse you, take advantage of your skills and later credit them to themselves. I wonder why one's productivity and dependability become a disadvantages, when you can do the work faster than what is expected, you will get all the job and someone will get less because he/she works slower. But the fact is, the two of you are just receiving the same rate, will this mean that you can be slow and pretend that you don't understand the assigned task so that there's fairness? I remember my Pinay friend's case, she should be promoted but she was denied and the unbelievable reason was she's so good in her present position and they can't find any replacement that as good as she is. Unfair! We have different reasons why we still stick with our job even it sucks, so let's just offer each work/task that we do to GOD  because with him, we're always well compensated.

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