June 18, 2011

Father's Day

It's going to be Father's Day tomorrow, celebrated every third Sunday of the month of June. How and when this day was officially declared, I googled for some information and I learned that a certain woman named Grace Golden Clayton planned the first Father's Day celebration in Fairmont, West Virginia on July 5, 1908. She chose the Sunday closest to the birthday of her deceased father. Unfortunately, it failed to be recognized and celebrated then after two (2) years a woman named Sonora Dodd from Spokane, Washington thought of honoring her dad because she and her five siblings were raised by their father alone after their mother died when they were still so young. She was motivated by the celebration of Mother's Day which came to be recognized first. She picked the month of June which happened to be the month of her father's birthday and this time, it went on. It was in 1916 when US President Wilson made his way to Spokane, Washington and launched the day as national holiday. Thanks to these wonderful women for making it possible to give honor to our dear fathers. (It showed that in every man's recognition, there's the woman behind it, lol)
But in every occassion or holiday we have, we always say that we can make them everyday. We could give honor, love, hugs and kisses to our father everyday, it doesn't mean it should always a material gift. Anyways, what to give our Dads or Husbands on their special day. Admit it or not, fathers are the easiest to shop for a gift than a mother. He could just have a new tie, a father's day card, a giftcard or a shirt. They take the backseat when it comes to receiving compared to our mothers. So, the most commonly gift for fathers are Father's day card. I read that according to Hallmark, Father's Day ranks 4th among all holidays. First, is the Mother's day, Valentine's Day and Christmas Day. respectively.
Here are some suggestions for Father's Day gift if your budget is so tight:
1. Let him choose the family meal for the day, serve him with deluxe and never let him do any chores.
2. Give the remote control and let him be the boss.
3. Wash and clean the car
4. Give him a massage
5. Mow the lawn, take care of the garden
With this, I want to honor a great father and husband to my mom. Happy Father's Day to my Dad and to my hubby who's doing a great job in raising our son.

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