June 07, 2011

Tight Jeans for Guys, Sexy or Not?

I had my mall hopping this morning while my son is in school and was suprised with men's fashion.  Some were wearing too tight / skinny jeans which I couldn't imagine how long they would able to wear them. My friend told me that it's the 'in' thing for the men to look 'hot'. Ok, I get it, but please, if you don't have it, don't flaunt it. It applies to front and rear, lol! They were few that I could say, they carried it right because they fulfilled the purpose, to look sexy. But, when I saw someone who wore a very skinny jeans and let it fall on the ground (as the famous song, pants on the ground), it's a fashion disaster. Then I remember those guys who loved to wear skinny jeans like the husband of Katy Perry, Jonas Bros and Zac Efron, they carried it well but I found this embarassing photo of Zac. Lol, he should have bought the right size or could have wore a belt. So, for me they cater more on the young generations, oldies are preferred not to wear one. But, to each his own.

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Dressing Up For Me said...

Yup, Zac should´ve worn a belt and tight jeans I think are for slim guys with tight bums, hehe. ;)