July 06, 2011

Casey Anthony's case another OJ Simpson's?

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I have a very strong feeling that this mom (Casey Anthony) is guilty of a crime. I was not able to follow religiously the case/trial. I just read it online and heard it on local tv news about the acquital of the mom from the case. This family is definitely hiding a secret which later will be disclosed because one's conscience has explode. Knowing that Caylee has been missing for a month and it was not reported and the fact that George Anthony was a former homecide detective were red flags for me. There was a petition now asking for a federal law making it a crime not to report your child as missing. The jurors are expected to judge based on evidence and not based on their emotions and since the what, when and why questions were not fully proven by the prosecution, the jurors were left with no other decision than 'not guilty'. I extracted/repost an opinion which shed light to the cause of the verdict. Here it is:
"This opinion will be unpopular I'm sure, but so is life. Whether you hate Casey Anthony or not, or whether you think she is guilty or not is irrelevant in a court of law. The jury is required by law to set their emotions aside and look at the real evidence. That's exactly what they did. The state presented a case that, while compelling, was lacking in evidence. Without a cause of death, a time of death, a murder weapon, or a real motive, how can you reasonably expect a guilty verdict? Duct tape was found near the body and stuck to the hair, it was not found wrapped around her face at all. That was the picture the prosecution was attempting to paint to incriminate the defendant. Was she a party girl? Sure, but she was lying and partying long before Caylee died, and never killed her baby. Absolutely zero evidence to support abuse or neglect, in fact every witness the prosecution brought up on the stand testified that she was a good mom and was not abusive or neglectful. Did she lie? Yes, she admitted to, and was convicted of lying to investigators. Did she kill that poor baby? Nobody will ever know, and unfortunately the state didn't produce enough evidence to prove it. It doesn't matter what you think, it only matters what you can prove. The burden of proof lies squarely on the shoulders of the prosecution. If I am a jury member and the prosecution has to ask me to speculate or imagine what happened, I would have to vote not guilty as well. Jose Baez did not win... The prosecutors simply lost... Any defense attorney could have achieved the same results against the case they presented..."

so innocent, may she gets justice soon

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