July 28, 2011

Celebrities, Fame, Money, Alcohol, Drugs & Death

What buzzing now is the death of Amy Winehouse and the Norway Massacre which are very sad especially the latter. I chose to post something related to Amy Winehouse's death and its about being a celebrity. Fame and money are tools to make people's mind to twist from right to wrong doings. Whether you're a celebrity or not, you are sorrounded by a lot of temptations much more if you're the former. When you're a celebrity, you have the fame and money, people with bad intentions will be around you, such as drug dealers. Knowing that celebrities' working schedule are crazy, so people tend to cling on all types of vices just to kill time or not to be bored. If you are sorrounded by people who are alcoholics and into drugs, chances are so big the you will be influenced by them. The celebrities-singers-musicians, they tend to experiment each day to create a piece that goes along with experiments on what drugs to use whether prescription or illegal. They don't realize what they are getting through, later they'll found out when it's too late that their addiction is beyond control. Celebrites are not different with ordinary people, the only difference is their lives are in public and media sensationalize it. People who can't handle fame and money have the tendency to be lured with alcohol and drugs. Here the problem starts, because addiction comes, no-stopping-thoughts, too much depression which ends to untimely Death. I googled some celebrities who died because of drug related/overdose.
Anna Nicole Smith - Actress/Model
Chris Farley - Comedian
Heath ledger - Actor
Elvis Presley - Singer
Jimi Hendrix - Musician

Michael Jackson - Singer
Bruce Lee - Actor
Jim Morrison - Musician
Marilyn Monroe - Actress
Brittany Murphy - Actress
Amy Winehouse - Singer

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