July 21, 2011

Cleaning House Starts With A New Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners suck. But getting rid of one is even worse. Broken vacuum cleaners won't break down in landfills and since they contain moving parts and harmful plastic, they can't be incinerated either. The only solution when your vacuum breaks is to call your local Chicago appliance removal specialists and have it disposed of properly.

Every year, thousands of vacuum cleaners get left by dumpsters, abandoned by the side of the road or otherwise disposed of in a way that can be harmful to the environment. Whether it’s college dorm residents moving out or a family cleaning out the attic, old, broken vacuums have a way of hanging around. But without proper disposal, the appliance that cleaned your home for so long could be dirtying the planet.

When you use an appliance removal service, your vacuum cleaner will be taken to a recycling center, where the moving parts can be repurposed and used in other machines. The plastic will be recycled in an environmentally safe manner so that your vacuum will not continue to harm the planet after it has outlived its useful life.

Chicago appliance removal professionals will come to your home and remove the vacuum for you so you can clean house of any old or unused cleaning supplies, products and appliances. Once you have disposed of it safely, you can really clean house with a new vacuum and a fresh start.

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