July 19, 2011

Gradeschool Reunion

It's been 30 years since my gradeschool graduation and we are planning to have our grand reunion this Fall. There has been a committee created to facilitate the event. We as part of the alumni are expected to cooperate and share time/effort/ideas to make this as succesful as possible. It was suggested to make it on the school gym and it's an estimated of 500 attendees because families are included. We imagine how chaotic it would be on the registration stage, on the issuance of food stubs, raffle tickets and souvenirs. They just imagine how it goes on concerts, it has crowd control stuff. I found the stanchions and velvet rope the most fitted tools to make the process orderly and organized. There would be VIP guests comprise of politicians and celebrities that needed a more secure area. A barricade is a must for their safety and security. I am so excited on this event because most of my classmates and I lost communication and this is the best time to catch up for the long years.

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