May 21, 2013

Long Distance Relationship works?

I know for sure that Love has no boundaries because it comes from GOD and we express and share it with others. I was asked by a facebook buddy if long distance relatioship really works and I replied yes. She's having difficulty in maintaning her relationship with her boyfriend who's been assigned in Middle East. Nothing is easy when it comes to handling / maintaining a relationship much more if it's long distance. It's hard but if the two parties are committed and willing to make sacrifice, deep true love can grow into something great and lasting. Long distance can compelled each party to communicate daily via available medium such email, video chats, phone calls and snail mail. At first, long distance can be treated as hindrance to one's relationship but it can also be a blessing in disguise because you will discover how truly the person means to you when they're not around. Prayers are needed and trust it all up to God, if it's his will, he will grant you the strength and patience to hold on and bear the distance. Others experience in long distance relationship might not be good but it doesn't follow that it doesn't work. It really works and has worked for me and for many others. There is a need for strong faith to GOd, commitment from you and your partner to hurdle the barriers in a long-distance relationship. Of course, love for each other should be strong so that trust and loyalty would be intact. Wherever you are, wherever your partner is, always remember that you're always in someone's heart and mind even it's million miles away.

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