July 14, 2011

Masteral Degree in Nursing

I'm fortunate to be part of a family that are mostly nurses. It's a very noble job because you have the direct interaction with people that needs utmost care and it pays good. My mother in law took her masters degree in nursing fifteen years ago, my sister in law had her's five years ago, and they are persuading my husband to take one too. My husband is interested but he can't find time to go to school with his hectic schedule in the hospital. Then I remember that there are accredited online degree programs which could be the option for my husband's plan to take masteral degree. We browsed the internet and found WaldenU.edu, they offer lots of degree programs and they are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Aside from Masteral Degree in Nusing, my husband is also eyeing Master of Public Health because of his past experience. He needs to weigh between the two MD programs and maybe this fall, he could start. With this, he's also thinking of sending me back to school and choose among University Degrees Online. Why not? it's not yet too late for me to go back to school again and I think, there shouldn't be any restrictions with age as long as you are still capable to comprehend.

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