July 17, 2011

Phone Hacking is the way to be on top?

I thought that this wire tapping / phone hacking only exist to counter terrorists and other intrusions and exclusive to top military agencies of any countries which is illegal because it invades privacy of individuals. I never thought that the idea of selling the phone hacking (system?) to media/news organizations just to get ahead of its competitors. I'm aware that TMZ pays for any photos or any informations about celebrities / politicians because they get most of the exclusives especially on scandals issues. But this recent scandal in Britain that is making headlines nowadays is too big. A tabloid, News International, one of Rupert Murdoch's babies, allegedly allowed their employees to engage in phone hacking and this was happening for a number of years. This is their way to get scoop and get ahead of the other tabloids. There were revelations that the tabloid made illegal payments to some police officers to get information. I believe this dirty tricks exist like what the movie Wall Street showed. It's disappointing to know that it's really happening and the sad part, just to get ahead and not to help. Big Fish are starting to show up, they are in a way connected / allowed this phone hacking system to happen. Oh my!, I can imagine what they can get from my phone, stress from being a sahmy, lol!

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