July 16, 2011

Porch Renovation

One of our summer projects this year is to renovate our porch. We're going to change the flooring, paint and buy new furnitures / accessories. Hubby is in charge of the flooring and painting while the rest are on me. I went to different retail stores to scout for furnitures but I didn't see the ones that I like, thus I browsed the net and look for Adirondack chairs. I found this site http://terraboundsolutions.com which has all of the things that I was looking. I checked out their Outdoor Furnitures and found lots of stuff that I wanted to have for our porch. I also like to place a Picnic table on the front yard and Playground equipment at the back which my son would be enjoying. I hope my hubby wouldn't be shocked with all the stuff that I want to buy, but checking the prices, they are affordable. I will forward the link for Park Benches to my father in law because he's working at the Park and Recreation Development of their hometown. 

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