July 06, 2011

Relocating to New Jersey

Time flies so fast, my god daughter is going to college this coming school year. She comes from a family of smart and with honors in school. Her father is a Project IT Manager in Verizon Wireless and her mom is a doctor. She's going to Princeton College, so the family are planning to buy a house in New Jersey because they are based in Boston. My god daughter is the only child and her parents couldn't be at peace to let her live by herself in a different state, so they are planning to get a place in New Jersey either condominium or a house as long as they're within reach with their only child. I offered to help and found this site http://www.bruce-germinsky-realtor.com/property/  which you can find great homes, condominiums, townhomes, commercial and retail properties. I forwarded the link and wish them goodluck for a new home, friends, opportunities and many more to come.

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