July 05, 2011

Safety, Security for Senior Citizens

Last week, I dropped by in my previous employer and spoke with some of my ex-officemates and to my suprise the lady who's been close to me during the time was there was forced to resign due to health reasons. She's already 82 years old but I tell you when she was 80, she's as energetic as the others. I was told that she relocated to Mississippi where her daughter is based. She used to live alone because her children relocated to different states and she doesn't want to go with any of them. Her friends for more than 50 years live nearby so the children can't persuade her to move with them. She used to live in a 3 bedroom house, quite big for someone living alone so her son decided to avail home security services for her via ADT. I remember that she told me how at peace she was when they got the ADT services. I spoke with her daughter who lives in Mississippi and she told me that her mom is fine and finally decided to retire from working. I asked her who's with her mom when she's at work, and she told me nobody which made her worry everyday thus, she kept on calling her mom 3 times a day. I suggested to her to avail of the same home security services that her mom used to have. I referred her to home security starkville which is an ADT authorized dealer. Also, I suggested her to have "Localtv-Satellite.com" so that her mom would not feel bored because for sure she misses working and her friends.

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