July 10, 2011

A superb day in Indiana Dunes

It was hubby's weekend dayoff so we planned to go to the beach and of course it wouldn't be fun without my Pinay friends and their families. Sometimes a last minute plan works than those took more time. We just informed one another a day before and finalize everything before midnight. It was an awesome weather, not too hot but water was not as clear as when we went there two weeks ago. We missed one of our Pinay friend who's scheduled to work yesterday but there will always be next time. We just brought whatever food that can be instantly cooked and bought. It's always for the kids to have fun what matters to all of us. It's nice to see them having good time while on vacation from school. Family bonding tightens for each time of togetherness. I love being out there though it's very tiring for hubby and I compared to other parents when it comes to taking care of kids because ours' is screaming his lungs out whenever it's over that we need to go home. We brought a stroller and carried it like a stretcher with our screaming son from shore to our picnic table, then from to the parking. Our strength our not enough to carry him because he's kicking and letting your hands off of him thus, an umbrella stroller is a mega hit tool.

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