July 01, 2011

What's going on?

I didn't expect that I have an avid follower aside from my close friends on this blog. I know it's been a while since my last update here. I got this comment that asking what's going on with me lately and why I haven't posted since June 24. I got busy doing nothing, I guess, lol! Seriously, it's due transition of my son's routine since his summer school started. It became longer hours, thus, I spent most of my time doing errands / outdoor activities taking advantage while my son is in school. When he got home, done with his lunch, I need to put him to his afternoon nap which most of the time, I was taking a nap too. When we got up, we go out and I let my son play in the park until it's time for his dinner. My computer time is divided from teaching my son some activities via educational sites / Youtube videos and my regular access. Checking emails, facebook, browsing news from the Philippines and what's buzzing all around the world, by the time that I'm done and ready to write on this blog, it's already my son's bed time preparations. Sounds ok? anyways, here I am, updating this blog with a topic that I'm contemplating about - diet and looking good! Yup, I'm taking time to be in shape and be able to fit those small sizes clothes that I have. I started limiting my carb intake and having lots of fluid (water, tea, juice) whenever I have cravings. I take my dinner by 6pm and will just have a cup of hot ovaltine before going to bed. I think it's working or I don't know if I'm just being optimistic or it's really for real. I need to go back to 115-120 lbs, so I need to lose 10-15lbs more and flatten the unnecessary bumps, lol! I got this book which is a christmas gift from a friend that speaks about 'what to wear can change your life'. It reminded me that we shouldn't believe that the only way to feel better about ourselves is by losing weight or cosmetic surgery. We can change how we look today by learning how to show off our best assets and disguise the ones we don't like. Sometimes we think that a certain color suits us but the truth is, there will always be a shade that will suit us. We just don't have to be lazy and only wear color with black. Black is the most abused and misused color. It becomes the tedious uniform of modern women. We should open our imagination and wear color with color. I checked my closet and found out that 70% of my clothes are either black, navy blue or with shades of black. I thought, those bulges and my being fat would be covered through wearing dark or black.  I found some colors aside from black that could disguise those parts of my body that I feel uncomfortable with, it just needs to be in the perfect / suited style for me.  I learned to use as tools those body shaper underwears / bras.  Also, the use of accessories to divert other attention and not focus on some parts of your body that you're not comfortable with. But, of course as the old adage, it's the beauty within & not the physical one that matters.  So, ladies and gents, let's go out there and find tools that will somehow help us to show off our assets and disguise those ones that needs improvements.

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