August 02, 2011

Contented or Complacent?

I was reading a book and caught by the words contented and complacent. Somehow it seems the same, you are contentend for whatever you have now. You are complacent on whatever things around you. Contentment is enjoyment of whatever things that you have. While Complacency is satisfying oneself even there's known risk or danger ahead. Confuse? Yeah, me too! Well, I can cite a situation related to contentment and complacency. There's a woman who's very successful in her career prior to getting married. When she finally decided to have a family, changes came. A major change for her because she's not used of staying at home and just taking care of her children and solely dependent to her husband's income. She's good and financially stable despite not working. Years have passed, she's still not working and seemed complacent by not updating / upgrading herself. So, when someone asked about her status, one might say 'She's a contented wife and mother'. Behind that contentment was wasted time and opportunities. When you asked her, she doesn't like what she's into now, she wants to excel, prove her worth and be the same or better than she used to be before she got married. She doesn't regret her life now as unemployed for the meantime because there was a valid reason but of course, the situation shouldn't be prolonged. So, she should ask herself, To be or not to be complacent?

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