October 08, 2017

Control and Motivation to lose weight

I hate myself for having no control on what I eat which happened today. We pigged out on chinese food during lunch which we can't seem to get off  once we started eating their greasy, sodium-rich, starchy food. I'm getting wider and heavier each day which made me placed the weighing scale in the kitchen so that I will get conscious and could always check my weight. I'm 30 lbs overweight, having 1 level exercise (1-10 scale) and with my parents around, local food/meals are always available that's why resisting is a very difficult task. I'm not getting any younger, with history of high blood pressure I should be motivated more to be healthy and dead serious in losing weight. I was on diet, have you heard of the OnOff diet?, that's why it's not working. I don't want to be on a situation wherein I need to ask GOD to give me back my life or give me second chance before I make a commitment in living healthy for my family sake. How I wish, there is a store for Motivation, I would buy all their stocks for sure, lol! I browsed the web and found this threadmill which will surely motivate me, lol!

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