Control and Motivation to lose weight

August 21, 2011

I hate myself for having no control at what I eat which happened today. Hubby and I pig out on chinese food during lunch which we can't seem to get off  once we started eating their greasy, sodium-rich, starchy food. Oh my! After that meal, we, including our son took an afternoon nap because we're so full. It was around 4pm that we got up and the weather turned ok thus, hubby initiated to take the Saturday afternoon mass. After the mass, we headed to our favorite diner and guess what? two pigs strike again. It was just lunch time that I regret what I ate then there I was, pig out again. Tomorrow is an anticipated indulging time because I'm going to a birthday party which I expect to have Filipino food that I always miss. I'm getting wider and heavier each day which made me placed the weighing scale in the kitchen so that I will get conscious and could always check my weight. I'm 20lbs overweight, having 1 level exercise (1-10 scale), doesn't cook that much, dependent on crappy instant meal, with elevated blood pressure, with family history of hypertension and diabetes. I'm saying all of these to myself so that I could be motivated to be dead serious in losing weight, exercise daily and eat healthy food. I was on diet, have you heard of the OnOff diet?, that's why it's not working. I don't want to be on a situation wherein I need to ask GOD to give me back my life or give me second chance before I make a commitment in living healthy for my family sake. How I wish, there is a store for Motivation, I would buy all their stocks for sure, lol! I browsed the web and found this threadmill which will surely motivate me, lol!

1 Response to "Control and Motivation to lose weight"

  1. I do yo-yo dieting too. As much as possible I try to control the quantity of food that I eat. If I eat a very heavy lunch, I usually have a very light supper say bread and cheese only.