August 24, 2011

County Fair

We never missed any major fair within reasonable miles from our place and today we were in southwest suburbs county fair. We enjoyed high calories food such as cheese sticks, french fries, hotdog sandwich and nachos with cheese. You're right, we did it again, somehow pig out with unhealthy food but this time I was able to control my intake. It was hubby who ate a lot (wouldn't be happy reading this, lol). Anyways, my son enjoyed watching all the animals and of course the rides but he needed to resist and cry at first before he super loved them. Hubby and my son tried the spinning school bus, ferri's wheel and the super slide. Then I joined my son in carousel and caterpillar train. In between rides, we eat, drink and rest in shaded tents because we don't want to be scorched that much. While we're resting, my son kept on running around the benches and hubby went closer to a certain booth. It was an old photography booth which I wish we could have tried before we soaked ourselves into sweat that makes us look rubbish, lol! I like that, having your photo transformed into an old era/time. How I wish to wear those gowns/costumes/hats and other accessories which were trend in the past. There will be next time and I'll make sure that we look/smell good, lol!

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