August 13, 2011

Finding a new Dentist

I got a call from our dentist reminding us (me and hubby) for our semi-annual check-up but we are having second thoughts of going back to the same dentist due to the quality of their services. Instances like our appointments were cancelled without prior notice because they overlooked that the dentist is not available due to an out of state seminar. Schedules were not followed, we were served 30 minutes late and the Dentist did not explain procedures to be done before implementing. Though it's just only once/twice a year meeting but we deserve the best dentist, thus, we're planning to surf the net to find one within our area or nearby. We are looking for someone who's expert  on his field and also must be good in communicating with their patients and staff so that trust and confidence will be there. I expect professional and excellent customer service so I could feel comfortable and happy. Then, we found this impressive site that could have the best dentist that we want but unfortunately, they are not available on our state but anyways, I could refer this to my cousin who lives in Texas who's in need of Periodontist.

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