August 22, 2011

Gadgets and accessories

We were in a birthday party yesterday and it's a family affair. Almost all brought their kids with them towing their own gadgets/toys to play with once they got bored. Toddlers brought their cars/trains/stuff animals, the younger ones brought their Nintendo DS, the grown ups have their mp3 playes, ipod, ipad and lappies (laptop). Mothers' topic of conversation is about kids being a picky eater establishing some factors such as the gadgets as distraction to focus or stay in the dining table to eat whatever is served. We watched the kids doing their own stuff and shifted our attention to the iPad. The mother of the teenage boy who owns the iPad asked us if we know where to buy sleeve for their iPad. I remember I came accross with the site that offers customize accessories such as sleeve. We googled iPad sleeve and then tried custom iPad sleeve and found the site I was looking for. They have lots of styles whether you want it horizontal sleeve or vertical sleeve and and colors to choose from.  Well, gadgets are there with a purpose and so as the accessories.

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