August 08, 2011

How to make a buzz?

We visited my mother in law who's admitted in the hospital due to difficulty of breathing and thank GOD she's fine and will be discharged tomorrow. Anyways, her room was full packed with visitors most of them were co-workers. There's a lady that was introduced to us who's into General Contractor business specialized in painting. They have contracts with the government and their latest project is repainting structure of O'hare airport. They are actually considered big company but they kept a low profile for the past years and now they want to be aggressive and be known/open to more clients. Since they know that I blog, they asked me how to make a buzz, how their company be known though they have already their website. Checking it out, the 'appeal' is not there so I mentioned to them that they are a lot of mediums where their company could make a buzz, there's the social media but better yet, consult an advertising agency which has the expertise on marketing plans and making strategies to attract customers/clients. She told me that she'll let me know what happens after she tried to contact an advertising agency. Well, I feel good whenever I did a favor or whatever you can call it and be appreciated.

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