May 30, 2012

How we cope in this economy with only one income?

As a stay at home mom, I'm incharge with overseeing, checking and paying our bills c/o hubby's income since he's the bread and butter of our family, for now. I'm proud to say that I manage them well and I always find ways to lower/maintain cost of our utility bills. USA is going through tough times so everyone is affected which reminds my family the importance of saving. How we survive/cope in this economy with only one income? Just the basic thing, we cut back on our expenses and find less expensive ways to meet and suffice our needs. No cable, no gym, no cellphone contracts, no netflix, no oil change and maintain only 1 credit card. We purchased stationary bike and threadmill, we're just using prepaid cellphones because hubby has his pager & BB c/o of the company and we just make use of our landline. We borrow DVDs and CDs from the library, hubby does the our cars' oil change with the help of his tool 'topsider'. I recall my friend's dad advise to her when she got laid off from work, he said that my friend needed to downsize her lifestyle. Some of the areas that needed to be downscaled are her home was too big for her, she needed either move to a smaller or have a roommate. She needs to give up her expensive car and have a less expensive one. Give up some of those gadgets and stay away from name brand stuff because there will always be generics or similar in quality but less in cost value. She needed to cook more and avoid eating out most of the time. Brew her own coffee than spending more for having Starbucks. I agree with her Dad, we have to distinguish what are the things we really need and try to schedule or prioritize the one that takes care of us and our family. Lastly, give up those extra credit cards because you don't really need them, they are just there to help you to get credit score, for convenience to carry too much cash and when you're travelling. Debt in USA whether from credit card or other form is soaring, it even compelled the government to raised the credit ceiling in order to pay its obligations. We should try to live debt-free and I'm consistently telling this to myself because no one could predict the future of our economy. We just have one income for now and we should always think of our son's future so we need to live within our means in order to save.

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