August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene vs. Hurricane Katrina

As what I have read and watched on tv, Hurricane Irene as of this writing is a weakening Category 2 storm while Hurricane Katrina was a strong Category 3 storm. Some thought that media and the government are exaggerating the threat of Irene by comparing it with Katrina. But for me, whether it's overhype or not, we are talking of safety here, it's better to be ready than sorry. I read some comment that why the mayor of New York is overacting and doing all these evacuations/shut downs knowing that NYC's structures are better than other cities. Again, government has no control over loss of power and properties during the disaster but can prevent loss of life, so why not these people just cooperate and do their thing than criticize others for doing their job. I bet when damages are more that expected, they will blame their public officials for not doing more evacuations and shut downs of mass transportations. We've seen what Katrina brought, we should learn our lesson because our country is in too much economic turmoil and Irene would add up to it so, save yourself and your family which might be at the end (God forbids) are what you'll have left. But in God's power and mercy, he will protect all of us from harm.

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