August 18, 2011

Stop the Clock

I have lots of things in mind that I want to do but lately I always procrastinate. I used to have a to-do-list for the week/day. I checked the finished tasks and carried over the undones the next day. I was so organized then and I feel good every time I accomplished them on its set date. Now, I take this time to relax and express my thoughts on this since hubby is rendering overtime and my son is asleep. Many of us wish to stop the clock for a while especially those under pressure in whatever tasks. In my case, I want to stop the clock for a longer time to give time to myself. I don’t know, maybe some of you notice that time here in USA flies so fast. I recall a friend of mine who attended a company sponsored seminar in California told me that her day is kinda short to get things done. Especially during winter season, days are shorter than nights. It's hard to do some errands or any other activities, thus, we procrastinate. That’s why most people would say, I wish I still have more time especially those rendering long working hours. When they reached home, they're too exhausted to do things. I wish I could stop the clock to spend more time updating myself with regards to my choosen field, be able to chat with my parents longer and everyday, read books/magazines, attend free seminars, socialize with my neighbors/friends, learn more stock investments, and other potential source of additional income, gain more sleep, spa treatment and others. It's somewhat too selfish, some may say because it focus on having 'meTime' only because my day starts and ends being a mom and a wife. That's why I wish to have more time so that I can spend the rest for myself. Since everyone gets the exact same amount of time each day, we just need to use it wisely because we can’t get it back. It’s more often lack of time is used as a reason for not getting things done, but come to think of it, if we really set aside a certain time for each goal/task that is important to us, we can make it happen. I set this time to make this post instead of playing Solitaire and browsing celebrity gossips while online. The result? I feel good because I was able to update this blog almost everyday where my expressing of thoughts, grammar and other stuff are quite improving. I need to go back to writing and finishing my to-do-list so that there's no time wasted.

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