August 09, 2011

I miss the Philippines

I've been here in USA for more than five years and still adjusting on this country and its culture. I could say that I was able to embrace two cultures, living on it and dealing with it but still I miss my hometown. Aside from my family/friends and all the people that I've been with during my stay there, I miss the weather and beach. I'm hoping that one day, I could convince my hubby to relocate but I expect that source of living would be a factor. Opportunities are limited so we thought of considering a relocation within USA. A place where weather is nice and warm, beaches are all over, friendly/hospitable people, close proximity to the Philippines in times that we need to have a vacation to visit our families. We were eyeing Florida to find house for sale before, but we are more interested in looking on houses for sale in Hawaii. It's close to my hometown and seems like home.

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