August 26, 2011

It's time to Give it Up

I wrote a post regarding why people smoke even they know it's unhealthy and I mentioned that hubby is struggling on quitting up until now but he's so determined to kick the bad habit. I can't make him quit smoking because it has to come from him, the willingness and determination to quit. All I can do is to assist and encourage him to quit and be with him 100% while going through the process. With this, I research online regarding the available tools/options to quit smoking and I found CigArrest. I specifically look into CigArrest review and CigArrest complaints to validate the effectiveness of cigArrest. They offer various products such as CigArrest chewable tablets, CigArrest gum, Vitaguard Smoker's Vitamins and many others. I learned that CigArrest program has been sold for 20 years and since then the company has not received any serious reactions / adverse side effects reports. I bookmarked the website and will refer it to hubby for his scrutiny and he might approved this product since there is a 90 day supply CigArrest Risk Free for only $5.95. Hubby is open to anything that would help him kick the bad smoking habit as long as they are legitimate / tested products and with affordable cost.

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