August 29, 2011

Laid Off from Work

I got a phone call from my friend in New York and she gave me a bad news. Her husband was laid off from work and it's been a month, she's asking for some financial assistance because they are in huge debt. She's worrying that if another month will passed without a source of income, she'll go nuts because she just gave birth to their second child and it's been 3 years that she's been a stay at home mom. What worries her and pissed her off are those people that works in debt Collections, they've been harrassed for almost everyday to pay for their loans. Even they are just 2 payments delayed, it seems that they owed them a year payments with their style of collecting. All the phone calls were threats and humiliating her so she wants to stop collection calls and asking me where to file complaint agaisnt these debt collectors. I told her that it happened to our friend who's in Texas and survived from that horrible situation. I encourage her to speak with our friend so she could be enlightened on what to do and how to deal with it. Anyone could be on this kind of situation where it came as a suprise that when you're just starting to build a plan B / fallback, it came earlier. The good thing in here is that it makes your family ties stronger and you are able to proved that in situation like this, you're always a family and it won't break your bond. Things happened and we don't always have answers on why but as you go through dealing with it, you will be able to find the answer and usually it made you a better person.

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