August 16, 2011

Life could be a bowl of cherries

I had few days off from preparing meals because I grilled a lot of chicken, turkey burger, sausage and fish. Hubby always brings lunch and very seldom buys from hospital cafeteria or nearby restaurant, so his lunches are fully covered with what I grilled. Since I was the one who grilled them, I somehow felt so fed up with grilled stuff. Since then, I mostly eat fruits and today my lunch comprise of bowl of cherries and whipped cream. I always buy cherries whenever I go the grocery because they are not available all year round so when off-season, I settle with the cherries' juices. Cherries contain 'anthocyanins' that can prevent heart disease and cancer, it helps reducing pain and inflamation too. It is rich in melatonin which is a best sleeping tool and it helps circadian rhythms which is the sleep patterns and timing within 24-hour day. Cherries help fight agaisnt premature aging because the compounds found on it works to eliminate the byproducts of oxidative stress that leads to slowing the aging process. Therefore, if there's a saying 'an apple a day keeps doctor away' , we could say 'life could be a bowl of cherries'. Indulge and splurge with cherries while they are still on-season, because you can never go wrong eating them.

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